Rachel and Kevin
December 25, 2007, 8:52 pm
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Rachel and Kevin had a beautiful wedding at Briscoe Manor on December 8th.  It’s not often everything goes along as relaxed and smooth as this wedding day did.  Here are some of my favorites…rachel_kevin042_v1_web.jpgrachel_kevin053_bw_web.jpg rachel_kevin063_v1_web1.jpg rachel_kevin177_v1_web.jpg rachel_kevin185_web.jpgrachel_kevin193_bw_web.jpg rachel_kevin195_v1_web.jpgrachel_kevin196_bw_web.jpg Loved this reaction from Rachel’s sister after Rachel opened her gift from Kevin! rachel_kevin215_bw_web.jpg  And a few of the guys…rachel_kevin232_bw_web.jpgrachel_kevin243_bw_web.jpgrachel_kevin251_bw_web.jpg rachel_kevin254_bw_web.jpgrachel_kevin256_v1_web.jpg rachel_kevin258_bw_web.jpg   I can’t get enough of this perspective in the bride’s dressing room… love these mirrors! rachel_kevin306_web.jpg rachel_kevin474_web.jpgrachel_kevin475_web.jpgrachel_kevin481_bw_web.jpgrachel_kevin488_v1_web.jpg     rachel_kevin497_web.jpg rachel_kevin502_v1_web1.jpgrachel_kevin517_web.jpg rachel_kevin523_web.jpg rachel_kevin532_web.jpg rachel_kevin536_bw_web.jpgrachel_kevin793_web.jpg Dianna caught this angle on the garter toss… rachel_kevin953_web.jpg They both exited with their eyes shut tight!   rachel_kevin978_web.jpg


Shelah’s TTD session
December 18, 2007, 9:59 pm
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Okay, well, it wasn’t exactly a true Trash-the-Dress session.  I mean we didn’t have her float in dirty water or spray paint her dress, but this was definitely not anywhere I’d have taken one of my brides before the wedding day!  Lots of old paint and rusty walls… but what a great setting!  Thanks to Jesus (hey-seuss) and Dianna for setting this up… and a HUGE thank you to Shelah for being willing to get a little dirty in her wedding dress!  Girls… if any of you want unique, I am totally up for a “TTD” session anytime!      shelah_01_v1_web.jpgshelah_02_bw_web.jpgshelah_03_v3_web.jpg shelah_04_bw_web.jpgshelah_05_rusty_web.jpgshelah_06_v2_web.jpgshelah_07_v1_web.jpgshelah_08_v1_web.jpgshelah_09_v1_web.jpgshelah_10_v1_web.jpgshelah_11_v1_web.jpg

Showin’ me the love…
December 14, 2007, 8:44 pm
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Well, I just have to say I was blown away by the sweetest gesture today!  A great big “THANK YOU!!” goes out to Tiffany & Brian for taking the time to stop by and drop off a wonderful basket of goodies as a Christmas gift for me and the fam.  I know how busy we can all get and to have someone make that effort just speaks volumes.  I have gotten so behind on blogging recent events that several just haven’t made it to the blog yet… but you guys just bumped yourselves to the top of my list… so enjoy taking a peek into a very thoughtful couple’s engagement session :)!giftbasket_blog.jpgtiffany_brian041_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian052_bw_8x10cr_web.jpgtiffany_brian087_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian095_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian126_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian158_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian234_bw_8x10cr_web.jpgtiffany_brian254_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian243_v1_web.jpgtiffany_brian261_v1_8x10cr_web.jpg

Shelah & Michael
December 14, 2007, 6:27 pm
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Our latest “Pixel Rangers” meeting included Shelah & Michael posing for our crazy group.  Here are a couple of my faves (there were several, but alas, where does the time go?!?)shelah_michael036_bw_blog.jpgshelah_michael099_vin_web.jpgshelah_michael095_os_web.jpgshelah_michael066_bw_web.jpgshelah_michael044_v1_blog.jpgshelah_michael028_v1_blog.jpgThanks, guys!  You were so awesome to work with 😉 (and I think we get to do a TTD… interpreted “trash-the-dress”… session with Shelah this next weekend…. FUN! ) 

December 12, 2007, 7:41 am
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When my kids were little and we lived in Spring Branch, we used to go to the Fountainview Cafe (on, you guessed it, Fountainview) and order piles of pancakes and bowls of berries in yogurt.  When you order there they used to give you a 3 digit number that they would announce when your food was ready so you could acknowledge that you were the table they were looking for.  One awesome black man knew that Jonathan loved to be number “zero, zero, zero!” and would make it a point to announce our table as “zero, zero, zero!” almost every time we visited.  There was just something about the way he said it and Jonathan just LOVED it!   Me, on the other hand, I’m not too happy with all the “ZERO, ZERO, ZEROS” I’m seeing by the “comments” under my blog posts… is anybody reading???  I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU, PEOPLE!   Let me know that you’re listening out there so I can be sure I’m not just “shootin’ the breeze” to entertain myself here!  I will send the first 3 (first-time) comment”ers” a $5 gift card to La Madaleine to pick up some of those yummy cookies.  So comment away!

My new toy
December 11, 2007, 8:08 pm
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It was a fight to the finish, but the Blackberry won out over the I-phone… simply because I would rather text and check my e-mail than listen to music and watch movies on my phone!  (but I must say, the mini-movie for the i-phone on apple.com is most impressive and will have you drooling for one… just slap yourself a few times and shake it off).  I guess I just enjoy tormenting myself with a new learning curve every week… I’m trying to keep it fun though!  (Thanks to Malcolm of “Christy and Malcolm” for introducing me to this mini-machine… can’t wait to use the GPS!!!  Check out their engagement session under client events…)blackberry1.jpgblackberry2.jpgblackberry3.jpgYes…. let’s!  

It’s going to be what tomorrow???
December 11, 2007, 7:57 pm
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We had a high of 82 degrees here in H-town today.  It’s almost been like Christmas in July!  We have our A/C cranking and just stare longingly at the fireplace (where the stockings have been hung with care).  Since the weather’s not helping much I thought I’d post a few of my favorite holiday things in an effort to help usher in some Christmas cheer…christmas_blog018_web.jpgThis is by far my favorite peppermint stick.  I just discovered these this year at Restoration Hardware.  It’s the perfect balance of sweetness and mint.  Yum.favorite-smells.jpgI am a smell freak… I LOVE to put smell goods all over the house, especially diffusers and candles by Aunt Sadie.  Pottery Barn has a wonderful mini-diffuser called “winter woods” that makes the room smell like a Christmas tree.  Mix that with “twas the night before Christmas” candles and you’ve got Christmas all through the house (where all my creatures are stirring… but thankfully, no mice!).christmas_blog008_web.jpgWell, as any coffee-creamer connoisseur knows, they cater to us over the holidays with flavors like Gingerbread and Peppermint Mocha (a personal fave).  Good thing they sell this stuff in the big bottles ;).   christmas_blog025_webfinal.jpgLike Momma always said, “if you can’t find snow in the front yard, you can always hang some on the tree!”  (just kidding… that was pretty lame, huh?)christmas_blog020_web2.jpgLa Madaleine is one of my favorite foodie hang-outs.  I love their holiday sugar-cookies.  There’s just something so great about those big, colored-y sugar crystals.  And they make them small enough to keep you from feeling guilty about “just one more”… very wise.stockings-star.jpg And here are those stockings “hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that…” well, you know the rest.  And I am lovin’ these star ornaments, new to our tree this year.  You should be feeling the warm Christmas fuzzies right about now…