A Kohlleffel Christmas card
December 11, 2007, 11:52 am
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Getting a decent picture out of my crew is no small undertaking, but Dianna conquered the task beautifully.  Here are a few of the runners-up for the annual Christmas card:  The “safe” picture… This is the “safe” picture… we all look like good, American citizens here. But entirely too traditional for Kelly’s taste this year (my husband… the tall guy on the left ;)).  He wants different.  Hmmm.   Still too traditional for Kelly…   Ok, here we are again, looking like a very well-balanced family.  But an interesting twist added by Caleb (our four year old).  Now the traditional is looking a bit more realistic.  Ah, now this is more like it…Ahhh… here we go, loosening up a little and starting to act like ourselves.  A good choice, perhaps?  kohlleffel_christmas_jumping_web.jpg  OH, but wait!  Can we really do this…. you want us to jump?  Like this???  YIPPEEEE!  (and yes, this was our final choice… it was unanimous ;))  Thanks, Dianna… you’re the best!


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These are great Ashley! You have a beautiful family and I totally love the last picture! It’ my favorite! I wish I had one of those of my family!!! Happy Holidays and God Bless!

Comment by Courteney Miller

I LOVE ALL of these pictures and need a copy of them all! GREAT Pictures!!!

Comment by Mom

Wow, I just saw your blog and these pictures are amaxing, what a beautiful family!!!!

Comment by Maria Waters

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