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December 11, 2007, 8:08 pm
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It was a fight to the finish, but the Blackberry won out over the I-phone… simply because I would rather text and check my e-mail than listen to music and watch movies on my phone!  (but I must say, the mini-movie for the i-phone on is most impressive and will have you drooling for one… just slap yourself a few times and shake it off).  I guess I just enjoy tormenting myself with a new learning curve every week… I’m trying to keep it fun though!  (Thanks to Malcolm of “Christy and Malcolm” for introducing me to this mini-machine… can’t wait to use the GPS!!!  Check out their engagement session under client events…)blackberry1.jpgblackberry2.jpgblackberry3.jpgYes…. let’s!  


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Ashley, love your new website and all the blogs. “Zero, Zero, Zero” was particularly my favorite and you know, i just couldn’t let your comment about the iphone slide! 🙂 We’ll have to have a “face off” this weekend! I have included my web address. I am not as faithful on updating it but i was quite impressed as I put it together myself (with the help of IMAC of course). Talk to you soon!

Comment by Christina Hollensbe

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