December 12, 2007, 7:41 am
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When my kids were little and we lived in Spring Branch, we used to go to the Fountainview Cafe (on, you guessed it, Fountainview) and order piles of pancakes and bowls of berries in yogurt.  When you order there they used to give you a 3 digit number that they would announce when your food was ready so you could acknowledge that you were the table they were looking for.  One awesome black man knew that Jonathan loved to be number “zero, zero, zero!” and would make it a point to announce our table as “zero, zero, zero!” almost every time we visited.  There was just something about the way he said it and Jonathan just LOVED it!   Me, on the other hand, I’m not too happy with all the “ZERO, ZERO, ZEROS” I’m seeing by the “comments” under my blog posts… is anybody reading???  I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU, PEOPLE!   Let me know that you’re listening out there so I can be sure I’m not just “shootin’ the breeze” to entertain myself here!  I will send the first 3 (first-time) comment”ers” a $5 gift card to La Madaleine to pick up some of those yummy cookies.  So comment away!


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wow, yep i can relate to that one, very cute……….sooo…..wheres the gift card? lol jk!

Comment by ashleykphotography

I know the guy you’re talking about… he’s the one with the REALLY deep “radio” voice… he can make anything sound good, even Zero, Zero, Zero!

Fountainview Cafe rules! Errr… I mean it’s ok.. don’t go crowdin up my fav place on Sunday morning 😉

PS- just hold the gift card, we’re meeting with you on Tuesday.

Comment by Eric Hermida

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