Monopoly rules!
January 2, 2008, 4:32 pm
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We’re still in “vacation” mode around here… so Monopoly was our time killer of choice this afternoon.  When we gave up for bowls of ice cream and blogging, Jonathan (the other goofy one in front) and Mommy were neck and neck.  monopoly01_blog.jpg monopoly02_blog.jpgmonopoly03_blog.jpgmonopoly04_blog.jpgAh, yes…. the dreaded “monopoly”!  My power cards :)…monopoly06_blog.jpg Navigating through the waters of Death row…monopoly05_blog.jpg Pay up buddy!monopoly07_blog.jpgEasy come, easy go!  monopoly08_blog.jpgWish every day was a holiday…


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ya’ll are so cute! Happy New Year!!!

Comment by Courteney Miller

I LOVE the monopoly pictures! They’re great! Brings back memories of long games with the siblings/cousins during family get-togethers. Good job!

Comment by Rosie Derryberry

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