“…these are a few of my fav-or-ite things…”
January 7, 2008, 2:26 pm
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I thought I’d be all cute-sie and start blogging on my favorite little things in life… aside from the obvious ones, being my hubby and kids, of course!  Not that you necessarily even care, but maybe you’ll even discover a few favorites to add to your own list :).  So I have this thing for Starbucks… and I absolutely love to check out their latest and greatest mug additions.  The designs are always unique and very creative (which would naturally be appealing to me).   Kelly (my hubby) and I actually have our very own Starbucks now that just opened a few weeks ago and went there to hang out just last night.  Meet my newest additions to the collection:starbucks013_v1_web.jpg Not like you need to see them AGAIN!  but I liked this angle too….starbucks004_v1_web.jpgAnd finally, hats off to my grande decaf mocha (and YES, I want the “whipped” on top!).starbucks009_v1_web.jpgWhat’s your favorite “Starbie’s” drink?


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Mocha Frapuccino with whipped cream on top is my weakness from Starbucks but my hubby and I make our own low fat/low carb version at home every morning with our magic bullet!!!

Comment by Courteney Miller

I’m an addict too… but that stuff gets expensive. I’ve been buying the 1 lb. bag of coffee and brewing it at home myself. However, the mocha frapuccino is my very favorite!!

Comment by Jairo

You have a point, Jairo! I really don’t drink coffee much, so I just look at it as my “treat” every now and then…. and, hey… thanks for stopping by! It’s always nice to see who’s hangin’ around in Houston.

Comment by ashleykphotography

Hey Ashley…love the blog! Do I count? I guess I am a pseudo client, ha ha. Anyway, I am still admiring the Caroline’s pictures and dreaming up what to do with them…maybe something cool in her nursery.
My fave Starbuck’s is a sore subject right now seeing as I must avoid all things caffeinated…10 months and counting…but I drool for and iced latte even when it’s cold. The price we pay!
Love ya!

Comment by Amanda

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