Enchanting Jamie
February 24, 2008, 7:59 am
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We did Jamie’s bridals at Rice U yesterday.  What a gorgeous day to be outside and what a gorgeous bride.  I’m sure she got tired of me saying, “you remind me of the girl on the movie “Enchanted”!  Seriously, I kept waiting for all the birds and the butterflies to come flutter around us :).  Here are a few from the shoot…jaime-bridals-1.jpg jaime-bridals-2.jpg These below were my two favorites:jaime-bridals-3.jpgjaime-bridals-7.jpgjaime-bridals-4.jpg jaime-bridals-6.jpgjaimes-bridals-5.jpg


Becky + Matt
February 17, 2008, 12:24 pm
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December afforded so many things to do that a few of my favorite sessions got shoved under the rug, never to be blogged!  But alas, I have rescued Becky and Matt from the archives.  I absolutely LOVED this session and had so much fun with these two!becky_matt004_v1.jpg becky_matt034_v1.jpgbecky_matt040_v1.jpgbecky_matt053_v1.jpg becky_matt136_v1.jpgbecky_matt203_v1.jpgbecky_matt229_v1.jpgbecky-matt-2.jpgbecky_matt207_v1.jpgbeckymatt_series.jpg

Update on “my new toy”
February 17, 2008, 10:59 am
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Um… ok.  After very little deliberation, I must confess that I am officially a “mac addict”.  That blackberry you witnessed a few posts back was quickly returned and an IPHONE was purchased.  I’m in love.  So much so, that my husband just HAD to get one and he’s now worse than I am on that thing.  I swear, he uses it like a laptop.  It’s hilarious to see a huge 6′ 5″ man playing around on that tiny screen.  Those commercials we compete through on the DVR?  Well, he makes me stop for every iphone commercial to see if he’s missed any new updates.  Goodness… I’ve created a monster!

Christy and the secret venue :)
February 17, 2008, 10:48 am
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I absolutely love it when my clients introduce me to new and undiscovered venues (especially the FREE ones!).  Sorry, but I have to keep it a secret just a little longer… in the meantime… some of my faves… don’t ya just love her sweet smile?  🙂christy005.jpg christy007.jpgchristy004.jpg Loved the series we captured in front of this window!christy008.jpgchristy009.jpg christy012.jpgchristy001.jpgchristy002.jpgchristy015.jpgAnd finally, my first picture of a bride playing pool!christy006.jpg

Happy Valentines Day!
February 14, 2008, 9:48 am
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Ok… if you seriously MUST know… I’m not as fond of the “obligatory” holidays.  I mean, what’s a guy SUPPOSED to do?  If he doesn’t do anything at all on V-day, he’s going to be considered a dirtbag.  And if he buys roses and chocolates and hallmark cards he’ll just be like every other guy that doesn’t have a clue what else to do.  If he buys lingerie he risks embarrassment in the store and the possibility of grabbing the wrong size (God forbid!).   
And if you’ve been married for awhile, they don’t have a chance because you know EXACTLY what they’re going to do… in my case, flounder around hopelessly the day before, frantically searching through the rejects in the card aisle to find one that might pass as a card they thoughtfully chose a month before, and pull through the Kroger floral “drive thru” to get the 2 dozen special.  
He can get by with this… WHY?  Because there’s that memory of dinner out together last week (and the week before that, and the week before that) and hanging out at the Starbucks catching up on “us” just about as often,  and snuggling in bed while we laugh at American Idol and see who can fast-forward through the commercials on the DVR most accurately… (this is truly an artform and requires a gifted individual)!  And just knowing that I’m his favorite and he’s mine, and there’s no one else in the world that would understand me quite like he does and still put up with me.  I pretty much married my best friend… and that’s the gift that keeps on giving :).  
So on Valentine’s Day, that’s what I wish for you… that you would find your best friend and get to spend your whole life together.  
On that note… a little “hoops and yoyo” to spread a little love your way… 

February 12, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Yes, I’m still here… working furiously on album designs and bridal sessions and booking up for this year :).  I’ve missed blogging and have plenty to contribute.  I’ll start with BEAUTIFUL Nicole.  This girl totally rocked my world with her ease in front of the camera.  We hung out at the Paraiso Maravilla last week and came out with some amazing images.  Thanks, Nicole, for a great session!  Can’t wait for the wedding in April! nicole_bridals104_web.jpg nicole_bridals065_web.jpgnicole_bridals096_v2_web.jpgnicole_bridals054_web.jpgnicole_bridals060_v2_web.jpgnicole_bridals070_web.jpgnicole_bridals078_v1_web.jpgNot sure which of these I like better…nicole_bridals078_v2_web.jpgnicole_bridals025_web.jpgnicole_bridals166_web.jpgnicole_bridals171_web.jpg