Emily + Brian (+ Tommy :)
March 31, 2008, 7:15 pm
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I had the pleasure of hanging out with Emily and Brian along with their black lab, “Tommy”, at Hermann Park this weekend.  It looked like rain all day until we arrived… and it was gorgeous!  Here are a few from the session…emily_brian028.jpgemily_brian011.jpgemily_brian032.jpgemily_brian031.jpg Loved these…emily_brian005.jpgemily_brian007.jpgemily_brian034.jpgemily_brian014.jpgAnd yes… we did take some full length shots! 🙂emily_brian033.jpgemily_brian023.jpgAnd how could we leave out the family portrait?emily_brian002.jpg


Caleb’s first game…
March 29, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Today was a big day for my youngest little fella, Caleb (he’s 4).  He’s joining the ranks of all his older brothers and officially graduating to “baseball player”.  He’s watched his siblings practice and play his whole life, and now his turn’s come.  And he’s at an advantage, because all that exposure has paid off.  He’s actually a pretty darn good baseball player… so watch out Major League Baseball… here comes Caleb!  (And shucks if I couldn’t make it to the actual game. I just had to be content taking pics right before he left with Daddy. 😦 )       caleb_005.jpgcaleb_004.jpg Oh, my goodness!  Just how could you throw out a little kid with a face like this? caleb_003.jpg And yes, we realize a 4 year old probably doesn’t really need eye-black… but like I said, he’s been watching and waiting for a long time, and if big brother needs it, so does he!caleb_002.jpg  caleb_001.jpg

Maroulia & Rodney… a sneak peek!
March 25, 2008, 7:00 pm
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Lindsey with For Your Memories executed a perfect wedding at the Houstonian Hotel this past weekend.  Here are a few of my faves (this first one is dedicated to Dianna… hahaha)…maroulia_rodney001_bw_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding002_os_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding003_ma_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding004_ma_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding005_bw_web.jpgThis little guy was TOO cute…  maroulia_rodney_ringbearer_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding009_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding010_bw_web.jpgBeautiful Maroulia… maroulia_rodney_wedding011_web.jpg maroulia_rodney_wedding012_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_gma_web.jpg   I think this was my number one from the whole day… maroulia_rodney_wedding016_web.jpg maroulia_rodney_wedding017_web.jpgThis one rates pretty high too… maroulia_rodney_wedding021_bw_web.jpg maroulia_rodney_wedding025_ma_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding024_web.jpgMaroulia’s Uncle… married to the Aunt in the previous blog entry.  They’re both welcome in my family any day!   maroulia_rodney_wedding022_bw_web.jpgAWWWW….maroulia_rodney_wedding026_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding027_bw_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding029_bw_web.jpg  I don’t think these two ever stopped smiling the entire day!

Just for fun… me and my “old man”
March 23, 2008, 8:25 pm
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We kicked off our very busy wedding season with a wonderful wedding at the Houstonian Hotel last night.  Every time I go to the Houstonian, I’m captivated by the “old man” on the bench.  He just looks so dang real!  After we saw the bride and groom off, I asked Dianna to take a few pics of me with “old man”.  Once we got into it, the bride’s sweet Aunt came over to share in the fun (she was VERY Greek, with an amazing accent and endearing personality… I could’ve taken her home with me just to listen to her talk!).  Whispering to old man: oldman6_web.jpg oldman5_web.jpgoldman4_web.jpgAnd here comes Auntie…oldman3_web.jpg She was just talking away… oldman2_web.jpgoldman1__bw_web.jpgStay tuned for a sneak peek at Maroulia & Rodney’s wedding day!

Monica + Morgan
March 5, 2008, 10:00 pm
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I had the pleasure of shooting a session in Dallas along with Dianna on the way to a seminar…. ahhh, gotta love the change!  These two had a fantastic session together… we had fun trying to pull out Morgan’s personality… hopefully he still likes me :).  And a big thank you to both of them for the great outfits they pulled together for us!monicamorgan4.jpg This alley below gave us perfect light… and the columns were great. monicamorgan6.jpgmonica_morgan091_v1.jpgmonica_morgan053_v1.jpgmonicamorgan2.jpg monica_morgan208_v1.jpgmonicamorgan5.jpgmonica_morgan142_v1.jpgmonicamorgan3.jpgAnd this painted wall was such a fun backdrop!  Will somebody please do this in Houston? monica_morgan242_v1.jpg monica_morgan244_v1.jpgAnd finally this fun personality progression… love this!  monicamorgan1.jpg

Sarah + Jeff
March 3, 2008, 7:54 pm
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Okay… so I’ve gotten movie stars two weekends in a row!  Although I couldn’t place the actresses’ name during the shoot, I realized later that Sarah reminded me of Toni Collette (In Her Shoes).  She had an infectious smile and those beautiful eyes… it’s not hard to see why Jeff fell for her :).  These two were too cute together (is that too many “to’s” in a sentence???)sarah_jeff026_v1.jpgsarahjeff5.jpgsarah_jeff015_v1.jpgsarah_jeff042_v1.jpgsarah_jeff078_v1.jpgsarah_jeff079_v1.jpgsarah_jeff084_v1.jpgLook at their different expressions in the first image here…  sarahjeff4.jpgsarahjeff6.jpgsarahjeff3.jpgsarahjeff2.jpgAnd this progression is my very favorite…sarahjeff1.jpg  Thanks guys for making this such a fun session for me!