Maroulia & Rodney… a sneak peek!
March 25, 2008, 7:00 pm
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Lindsey with For Your Memories executed a perfect wedding at the Houstonian Hotel this past weekend.  Here are a few of my faves (this first one is dedicated to Dianna… hahaha)…maroulia_rodney001_bw_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding002_os_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding003_ma_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding004_ma_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding005_bw_web.jpgThis little guy was TOO cute…  maroulia_rodney_ringbearer_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding009_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding010_bw_web.jpgBeautiful Maroulia… maroulia_rodney_wedding011_web.jpg maroulia_rodney_wedding012_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_gma_web.jpg   I think this was my number one from the whole day… maroulia_rodney_wedding016_web.jpg maroulia_rodney_wedding017_web.jpgThis one rates pretty high too… maroulia_rodney_wedding021_bw_web.jpg maroulia_rodney_wedding025_ma_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding024_web.jpgMaroulia’s Uncle… married to the Aunt in the previous blog entry.  They’re both welcome in my family any day!   maroulia_rodney_wedding022_bw_web.jpgAWWWW….maroulia_rodney_wedding026_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding027_bw_web.jpgmaroulia_rodney_wedding029_bw_web.jpg  I don’t think these two ever stopped smiling the entire day!


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Well, well, you’ve got some nice looking details there.

Comment by Dianna

Very well-shot event! I shot an e-shoot there tonight, so as soon as I get my “old man” pics together, I’ll share ’em! 🙂


Comment by chipgillespie

I was so lucky to watch you guys create these masterpieces!!

Your lighting looks good-I wonder who was holding your lights ;)haha

Comment by Stephanie

WOW! Beautiful Ashley!

Comment by Courteney Miller


That will be $5 please

k, thanks

Comment by marco

HAHAHA! I knew you could do it, Marco! Lunch, my treat, any time… lemme know, dude…

Comment by ashleykphotography

[…] here to see the pictures they […]

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Congrats, Rodney! The pictures are beautiful. Wish I could have been there.

Comment by Rose

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