Caleb’s first game…
March 29, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Today was a big day for my youngest little fella, Caleb (he’s 4).  He’s joining the ranks of all his older brothers and officially graduating to “baseball player”.  He’s watched his siblings practice and play his whole life, and now his turn’s come.  And he’s at an advantage, because all that exposure has paid off.  He’s actually a pretty darn good baseball player… so watch out Major League Baseball… here comes Caleb!  (And shucks if I couldn’t make it to the actual game. I just had to be content taking pics right before he left with Daddy. 😦 )       caleb_005.jpgcaleb_004.jpg Oh, my goodness!  Just how could you throw out a little kid with a face like this? caleb_003.jpg And yes, we realize a 4 year old probably doesn’t really need eye-black… but like I said, he’s been watching and waiting for a long time, and if big brother needs it, so does he!caleb_002.jpg  caleb_001.jpg


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Hahaha, that last picture is soooo Caleb.
I never understood the black paint stuff. What’s it for???

Comment by Dianna

I’m saving this email… It could be worth allot of $$$$ in 12 years. Caleb looks like a Major Leaguer. The only thing missing is a big wad of chewing tobacco and a big dollar contract.

Comment by Paul Monte

Ahh… eye-black… it’s supposed to help keep the sun out of your eyes. But I think they wear it just to look cool.

Comment by ashleykphotography

Hey, Paul! Wow… I didn’t know you were one of my blog stalkers :). I would love to see Caleb’s reaction to a wad of chewing tobacco… ha!

Comment by ashleykphotography

Hey…please add us to the schedule list so we will know when he plays…:o))

Comment by Mom

Awh…he is really cute! Hope you get to go see one of his baseball games!!!

Comment by Courteney Miller

He is too cute!! I can’t believe that you have 5 kids!

Comment by Stephanie Oropeza

These are so great! I think the 3rd one is my favorite!

Comment by ScotWharton

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