Christy+Malcolm= a really fun(ny) wedding day!
April 18, 2008, 10:14 pm
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You’ve met Christy before… now meet Malcolm… a funny guy, who loves to laugh and goof off.  I’m being nice and not going to post all of the many faces of Malcolm that I captured that day.  But I honestly almost posted on JUST that (I’m a nice person 🙂 ).  Instead, enjoy our faves from their big day, starting with a fab shot of the Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral by my right arm and trusty second shooter, Dianna …

Our beautiful bride (image by Dianna… she was just rockin’ that day as usual!  artwork by yours truly.)

Waiting in the bride’s room (the size of a half-bath!) also c/o Dianna (YES, I WAS ACTUALLY THERE THAT DAY 😉 )

I love this image of Christy’s sister looking up at her (YESSSSSS… this is Dianna TOO!)

Cute bridesmaid reaction (ok… so I wasn’t in THIS room at THIS time… deal with it!)

And OH LOOK!  A picture that I took… wha’d’ya know???  It’s Mr. Malcolm lookin’ all happy…

Yes… this was ME too… well, really it’s Malcolm…


Isn’t this COOL?  (Dianna)

Oh wait… got ahead of myself…  (Dianna)

Tying the knot below… (Me 🙂  SEE… I WAS there (behind the altar in the “no-no” zone… this is where you get stoned by the altar boys for walking on holy ground!  And I WAS caught by a little man who didn’t speak much English… I just batted my eyelashes at him and innocently exclaimed “Oh, I’m not supposed to be back here??? I’m SO sorry!  Leaving now…).  I was in a “let’s see what all this software I spent hundreds of dollars on can do” mood while artworking… thought it ended up looking kinda cool…

A little person’s perspective (Dianna)

Look who’s married!  (thought I’d make myself useful at the front of the church after being politely kicked out of the back of the church 😉 )

And just where did we go next?  The very hip…

Another infamous Dianna detail shot (well, SOMEBODY has to hold the light, darn it! the two above were me though. 🙂 )

Sweet shot of the father/daughter dance… (yours truly)

The gang was all there (me again)…

Another daring Dianna detail shot…. 

and yet another…

And the Mr. and Mrs…. (OK, so I made Dianna hold the light this time… we take turns 🙂 )

And we’ll end with my VERY favorite of the day…  It’s CINDY-LOU-WHO!!!!

Sorry, sweet Christy… I just couldn’t resist!  Thanks guys for an awesome day… keep on having fun together!


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Sweeeeet! Glad I could be there to enjoy the evening with you. Cheers!

Comment by Dianna

These photos of you guys are absolutely gorgeous! The one of me is aweful! But the one of you guys at the alter through the cross in the door is amazing! The photographers were absolutely great. I love you both!

Comment by Lesley Throckmorton

i think this is one of my favorite weddings you guys have done! you should join the [ag]wpja, you could probably win!!

Comment by stephanie . o

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