Nicole + Aaron = one really sweet wedding day!
April 24, 2008, 8:54 pm
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Wow… this was an awesome day.  Nicole and Aaron got married at the Northwest Forest Conference Center in Cypress.  It always makes for a lower pressure day when everything takes place in one location and Northwest Forest provides just that!  Nicole and Aaron had been together for over 7 years (high school sweethearts!) so this long awaited day meant the world to them… and it showed!  Enjoy…

The GORGEOUS bride…

and the HANDSOME groom…

We had awesome light that day…

Nicole and her sister laughing in the background…

And her other sweet little sister (the flower girl… you’ll be seeing more of her!)…

Just a few more of Nicole… this girl just doesn’t take a bad picture!

LOVE this one below…

The beautiful gals…

The very cool guys…

And the ceremony begins… Nicole’s Mom trying to hold back tears (and the reason Nicole is SO beautiful… seriously… don’t you think she looks like Meryl Streep?  I keep getting all these movie star look-a-likes 🙂 )

And sweet little sister again (stay tuned…)


Okay… this was the sweetest/saddest part of the whole thing… her precious little sister just couldn’t hold back the tears… she got so choked up during the ceremony.

And then… poor little thing!

I love it when you can just see the appreciation for this moment…

Loved this moment at the end of the walkway…

A great shot of the wedding party (why am I telling you all of this… you have eyes!  you can see that this is the wedding party!  why do I feel the need to narrarate???  i don’t know… i really don’t know!)

And on to the reception…

I thought it was cool how the light highlighted just Aaron’s mom’s face…

And now for a little color… and fun…(the Aggie fight song… I get this one alot.  I married an Aggie so I’m thinking that’s why I’m an Aggie magnet… WHOOP!)  OKAY… gosh I had fun writing that.  But DIANNA, my trusty side-kick and kimosabe,  just told me they were actually singing “SWEET CAROLINE” because Nicole did not graduate from A&M (I just thought hey, she was the bride, it was her party so she could sing the WAR HYMN if she wanted to).  FINE.  I get that one (sweet caroline) alot TOO.  But Aaron IS an AGGIE and they DID sing the WAR HYMN that night.  SO THERE.  

And then there was THIS guy… made me laugh!  He has this “did you remember to clean your room?” look goin’ on… that or, “am I too cool for your lens, or what?”.  Ha ha.  


And to end with… an awesome night shot…

It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish and I’m wishing you guys all my best!


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Yep, beautiful day! It was such a fun wedding.

Comment by Dianna

NWF is my favorite place to eat…

NWF has never looked better =)

Comment by marco

beautifuly photographed girls!

Comment by Stephanie

You and Dianna did an amazing job! I couldn’t have asked for 2 better photographers. The pictures are awesome!


Comment by Nicole

Way to shoot it!
What a beautiful couple!

Comment by ScotWharton

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