Tiffany & Brian… (pt 2!)
August 4, 2008, 11:11 am
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You can’t beat a golf course for great images. Combine that with dusk and an amazing bride and groom and you can’t go wrong!  

Gosh… I could’ve taken pictures of them out there all night!  I’ll peel myself away and move on to the reception!

Proud mama…

I loved Dianna’s angle during the cake cutting!

Tiffany’s niece looks like a Gerber baby doll!  

Somebody’s having fun!

This was the sweetest moment between Tiffany and her brother…

And the last dance…

Congratulations you two!!!


Tiffany & Brian are married! (pt 1)
August 4, 2008, 10:12 am
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Tiffany and Brian tied the knot at Holy Covenant Methodist Church in Katy, TX and celebrated at Willowfork Country Club.  I have to say that Tiffany made being a bride look SO effortless (not to mention the fact that she is just plain gorgeous!).  She and Brian have been one of my most gracious couples this year and I really have enjoyed every minute with them.  Enjoy my faves and don’t forget to check out Dianna’s blog for more!

Michael (Tiffany’s son) came in for a few… he was so cute. 

Mom suggested a “kiss”… and Michael proceeded to do the “boy” thing… ewwwww!

Meet our handsome groom…

I enjoyed watching Brian with Michael… he’s a natural!

Dianna caught this sweet image of Michael walking down the aisle with the flower girl…

And here comes the bride…

Next up… the reception!

Amazing Yvette…
August 3, 2008, 8:53 pm
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I had the honor of photographing my hairdresser, Yvette 2 weeks ago in her BEAUTIFUL home.  Seriously… it’s like a model home and then some.  It made for an incredible backdrop.  Add Yvette to the equation and you just can’t take a bad picture!  

What I wouldn’t do to be covering her wedding in Italy this week!!!  Congratulations, girl!

Boys will be boys…
August 3, 2008, 7:17 pm
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Anyone else sit through the thunderstorm this afternoon?  My boys come up with creative ways to entertain themselves when I ban them from the XBOX.  I am forced to save large boxes around here for occasions such as this…

Well, gosh… who left the boxes outside???

But wait… let’s go in for a closer look… I see a head!

Hey Jonathan… Mommy is taking pictures of us!!! (and of course J has to stick his head out for a look…)

Well heck… if this is being documented, let’s be stupid!

Keep in mind this is a THUNDERSTORM.  If Daddy were home, ain’t NO WAY these two would be outside.  So Mommy… being the responsible person that she is… hollers out, “Boys, y’all come in now!  That’s enough!”. “Oh PLEASE, PLEASE don’t make us come in yet!!!”, Will pleads.  “God won’t let us die… we swear!”.

Maybe it will help if we both beg together…

“COME IN NOW!!!!”, responsible Mommy hollers once more.  Aw, heck.  Fine. (eldest brother, Jonathan, wisely sets the example for dufus, Will, and obeys)

Awww… shucks! (poor Willie…)

(no children were injured during the documentation of this event 🙂 )

As promised… Katie & Alex…
August 3, 2008, 4:37 pm
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I met up with Katie and Alex at a nearby park on a steamy Sunday evening a couple weeks ago.  They handled the heat well and we managed to capture some great images. I love the vibrant greens and Katie’s eyes are just amazing (Alex’s aren’t too shabby either… but he has a secret!).  I’ll start with our last image of the shoot, which happens to be my very favorite from the session. 

Ahhh… amazing eyes!

And we’ll end with the “family” picture.  Meet “Winston”…

Can’t wait for the wedding in just a few weeks!

Blogmania week!
August 3, 2008, 12:07 pm
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To my faithful blog stalkers… I am still here!  I know there are several of you wondering, “what’s up?  was my event not blog-worthy?”.  Take heart!  Coming up this week… Katie & Alex’s engagement session, Yvette’s bridals and Tiffany & Brian’s wedding day.  And to cap things up we’ll be rounding off with Amy & Brad’s big day!  So stay tuned for some awesome catch-up posts!