A little more Sarah & Sterling awesomeness…
January 16, 2009, 7:41 pm
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We took some extra time with Sarah just before the ceremony and captured some amazingness out in the hallway…





But, alas, we must get on to the reception…




Some rockin’ hot Dianna details…




And bear with me as we travel back into the hallway…




Doesn’t this just look like something your great-great grandparents might have posed for? Classic…


Sarah & Sterling… all I can say is ‘wow’!  Awesome couple, awesome wedding & awesome images!  You two were amazing.  Congratulations!


Sarah & Sterling… one awesome wedding!
January 16, 2009, 7:23 pm
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I can’t say enough good things about Sarah & Sterling.  From the first time I met up with them I just knew the time we spent together was going to be great.  And they did not disappoint!  They chose a quaint bed and breakfast out in Willis, TX for their wedding day, Shepard Hill Estate. I have come to LOVE country weddings.  They always seem to have such a relaxed flow to them and killer images are a given!  There were several from this special day that I fell in love with.  Enjoy!sarah_sterling_wedding0006


Sarah made such a beautiful bride.  She has a simple grace about her that just carried her effortlessly through the day.  And I absolutely loved her dress!







Sterling is just an easy going all-around fun guy to hang out with.  Throw in some crazy friends, an old car and some cigars & you’ve got some serious awesomeness to work with!





Dianna, workin’ some of her photojournalistic magic…



You gotta love trees in the wintertime… sweet!


Boys will be boys…



And now on to the reason we’re all here!







I couldn’t see it first hand, but let’s just say, the best man had more than one set of rings to choose from!  


One really sweet moment during the prayer…



You may kiss your bride!


We headed out into the freeeeeeezing COLD with a brave wedding party & a determined bride and groom to capture these FAB images…









I’ll spare your scrolling finger & let you rest up so you can get ready for the next half of their day… stay tuned for more amazing images!

Natalie & Brandon
October 14, 2008, 6:38 pm
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Natalie & Brandon managed to steer clear of all the Ike craziness and tied the knot over Labor Day weekend.  This blog post is WAY overdue!  We headed over to the Courtyard St. James to celebrate… enjoy the faves…

The beautiful and very sweet (that is literally her new last name!), Natalie…

This little guy is Evan (a great shot by Dianna).  He stole the spotlight several times that evening… and it’s not hard to see why!

Ok… so it’s shots like these that make me want to hang up my Big Kahuna hat and just hang back and be a second… Dianna caught this right before Natalie and her father walked into the sanctuary… competition stuff! Love it!

And another fab Evan shot by Ms. D… precious!

Check out Brandon’s very cool ring… and Ms. Natalie’s ain’t too shabby!

A little wedding party action…

And our bride and groom…

You gotta love mirrors…

And I have to sneak in one more Evan shot… this little guy was an exceptionally GOOD dancer!  

Congratulations guys!  We were so blessed to be a part of your amazing day!

Variety… part 2
August 24, 2008, 8:41 pm
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So behind this quaint little home stands an impressive rice plant that made for even more impressive pictures… 

And these were just all out funky cool… 


Thanks guys for being so willing to let us take you anywhere and for giving us all the time our creative minds could ever hope for on your wedding day!  It was a blast!

Variety is the SPICE of life (and photography too!)
August 24, 2008, 7:56 pm
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Change is good.  I had the opportunity to be second shooter for Dianna a few weeks ago and I honestly have to say it’s a pretty fun change of pace to get to wear that hat every once in a while.  To top it off it was a “country” wedding out in Dayton, Texas at a quaint little home in the backyard.  It was a wonderfully low key wedding with lots of great photo opportunities.  And here’s that quaint little home I mentioned…

Krystal getting ready…

I just LOVED the fact that Matt opted for the “j.crew” look… I have seriously been waiting for my “california” groom for way too long!

Matt’s Dad was an absolute hoot.  

He especially enjoyed taking a spin with just about anyone who was standing around.

Including, the groom… I give you the “father-son” dance.  Ahhhh, variety!

Ok… I think this series below was my absolute fave from the night.  Her expressions are especially priceless.

But now to the point of our evening… Krystal is ready to walk the aisle and our ceremony begins…

Check out the flare!  Maybe this IS California…

Sweet… loved this shot of Matt…

And his expression below… we’re married!

More sweet light… and more favorites to come.

Lindsay & Michael get hitched!
July 11, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Lindsay & Michael got married at the Hotel Galvez in Galveston.  It was a beautiful sunny day with an outdoor ceremony.  

Yummy detail…

Our lovely bride…

And her handsome groom…  (I just love this shot…)

This is great… it’s like they’re at a press conference…

Island skies…


Check out this cutie pie…

We almost lost Michael for a minute there…

Love this last dance shot…

And onto the honeymoon!

It was fun guys… all our best to you both!  As I mentioned before, I’m ahead with my blog right now, so this event has yet to be posted… hang in there!  Stay tuned for more from Dianna soon!

Stephanie & John… movie star sightings ;)
July 10, 2008, 9:01 pm
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Stephanie & John were married at the beautiful Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church and celebrated at Vargo’s.  I had just seen “Get Smart” with Anne Hathaway and Stephanie shares not only her looks but her personality as well!  She was loads of fun to be around and to top it off her beautiful mother is a dead ringer for Diana Rigg (Emma Peel of the Avengers).  So I spent the day surrounded by stars and lovely images abounded (no worries, John… we think you’re pretty darn cute yourself 😉 ).

LOVE this peek over the dress!

And HELLO Emma…

Dad came in to see his beautiful daughter.

Loved this series with the veil too…

The stained glass at this church was awesome… we couldn’t get enough of it!

The handsome groom…

Here comes the bride…

We’re married!!!


Love the car… love the shot…

And a few from the reception… these two could swing it!

Dianna snagged my camera for some cool outdoor shots to end the night.


I’m actually ahead with my blogging right now… yippee… which means this event hasn’t been posted yet!  And there will be more images on Dianna’s blog soon.  Stephanie & John… it was a blast!  I’m looking forward to our “couples” session when you get back.